wdijkerman-zabbix what do you want to see in this puppet module?

So, the wdijkerman-zabbix puppet module is going strong. Almost 7100 downloads since the beginning of april last year and this amount still grows! The number one puppet module for Zabbix installations and also the only module which is puppet approved! This is really nice!

The module can be found on the forge, but also on github. But I don’t think this module is “done”. There are probably a lot of improvements needed, or new functionality that can be added. So please tell me what you want to see in the module.

What kind of improvements can be done, is it some better code, fixing some (nasty) bugs you encounter or some updates to the documentation. Is the documentation clear enough or do you want some howto’s for configuring the module to do some specific stuff, or do you want to use Nginx instead of Apache as frontend?

For now I have 2 things that I really would like to see, but due to limited resources (Knowledge and time) it is something that I can’t do in the near future:

  • Using Puppet on Windows. Like installing the zabbix-agent on Windows computers.
  • Sending Puppet Reports to zabbix-server for monitoring puppet runs.

Please send your suggestions via e-mail (which can be found in the module) or create issues on github. Or even better, fix or create some code and create an pull request! You’ll will be put in the list of fame. 😉

Thanks! 🙂


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