wdijkerman-zabbix version 1.4.0 puppet module released

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I just released an new version of the wdijkerman-zabbix puppet module: 1.4.0.

The original idea was using this version to make the puppet module puppet 4 compliant, but I didn’t had any time for this. So there were some issues which needed to be fixed, so I created this release.

The changelog:

  • Adding “apt” as dependency.
  • Adding ‘script_dir’ parameter for userparameters define.
  • Fix documentation: iptables is set to false (not true).
  • Fix illegal comma separated argument list #81 (By pull request: IceBear2k (Thanks!))
  • Fixes #80 setting Hostname and HostnameItem causes a warning on agentd s… #82 (By pull request: f0 (Thanks!))
  • Allow to not purge include dir. #79 (By pull request: altvnk (Thanks!))
  • Correct typo in ‘manage_resources’ documentation. #77 (By pull request: rnelson0 (Thanks!))
  • Added zabbix_hostgroup #87 (By pull request: hkumarmk (Thanks!))

The “#<NUM>” is a reference to an Github issue. The release can now also be found on and downloaded from the forge.

If you find an bug or have an improvement for this Zabbix puppet module, please create pull requests!


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