wdijkerman-zabbix version 1.6.0 puppet module released

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I just released an new version of the wdijkerman-zabbix puppet module: 1.6.0.

Not yet puppet 4 compliant. I have some local issues with my puppet environment, but I hadn’t released in a while and there where some pull requests which I accepted a while back. So this release is mostly pull requests and support for Debian 8 to!

The change log for this release:

  • Pass manage_repo and zabbix_repo to repo.pp and prevent double include #110 (By pull request: mmerfort (Thanks!))
  • Add “eno” to interface name matching #104 (By pull request: sgnl05 (Thanks!))
  • use the new puppetlabs-apt version 2.x module #103 (By pull request: hmn (Thanks!))
  • Fix name startvmwarecollector -> startvmwarecollectors #102 (By pull request: BcTpe4HbIu (Thanks!))
  • Custom apache IP and port #99 (By pull request: mschuett (Thanks!))
  • Feature Request: add charset/collate option during a mysql db resource creation #107
  • Added support Debian 8
  • Fixed some rpsec tests
  • Fixed some puppet-lint identation warnings
  • Updated the zabbixapi gem install with recent versions

The “#<NUM>” is a reference to an Github issue. The release can now also be found on and downloaded from the forge.

If you find an bug or have an improvement for this Zabbix puppet module, please create pull requests!


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