wdijkerman-zabbix version 1.7.0 puppet module released

Puppet LogoZabbix Logo

I just released an new version of the wdijkerman-zabbix puppet module: 1.7.0.

This is an “Pull requests” release, as this release only contains pull requests created by users of this module. 🙂

The change log for this release:

  • misspelled parameter path #116 (By pull request: karolisc (Thanks!))
  • Update template.pp #121 (By pull request: claflico (Thanks!))
  • add support for CloudLinux #122 (By pull request: bastelfreak (Thanks!))
  • Fping wrong path in debian #124 (By pull request: Oyabi (Thanks!))
  • refactoring of repo.pp #126 (By pull request: bastelfreak (Thanks!))
  • Added supporting new Zabbix params #128 (By pull request: akostetskiy (Thanks!))
  • Generalise the zabbix_url #129 (By pull request: DjxDeaf (Thanks!))

The “#<NUM>” is a reference to an Github issue. The release can now also be found on and downloaded from the forge.

If you find an bug or have an improvement for this Zabbix puppet module, please create pull requests!


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