wdijkerman-zabbix 2.0.0 puppet module just released

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I just released an new version of the wdijkerman-zabbix puppet module: 2.0.0.

This release will contain a lot of Pull Requests, bug fixes and some new features. This release also works with Puppet 4. (Probably also with earlier versions, but first time I tested it work Puppet 4).

The change log for this release:

  • wdijkerman-zabbix works with puppet 4
  • Fix for: Server and Proxy templates are inconsistent #144
  • fixed SSL server template options for 2.2 #141 (By pull request: IceBear2k (Thanks!))
  • fix syntax error #139 (By pull request: mkrakowitzer (Thanks!))
  • Allow agent to listen on * #138 (By pull request: ekohl (Thanks!))
  • enable apache_php_max_input_vars #137 (By pull request: bastelfreak (Thanks!))
  • Fix typo in zabbix-userparameters reference #136 (By pull request: sgnl05 (Thanks!))
  • Listen on all IPs #133 (By pull request: z3rogate (Thanks!))
  • tap0 or tun0 (OpenVPN interfaces) interface as listenip #132 (By pull request: z3rogate (Thanks!))
  • fixed typo for comment mysql #145 (By pull request: eander210 (Thanks!))
  • Updated the listen_ip for proxy so it same as for agent.
  • allow serveractive to be optional #146 (By pull request: ericsysmin (Thanks!))
  • Allow agent_serveractive value to be blank #147 (By pull request: ericsysmin (Thanks!))
  • Added support for adding LDAP certificate location to Zabbix Web. Upd… #150 (By pull request: elricsfate (Thanks!))
  • Added zabbix_template_host type #154 (By pull request: hkumarmk (Thanks!))
  • Type to manage zabbix application #155 (By pull request: hkumarmk (Thanks!))

The “#<NUM>” is a reference to an Github issue. The release can now also be found on and downloaded from the forge.

If you find an bug or have an improvement for this Zabbix puppet module, please create pull requests!


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