wdijkerman-zabbix 2.1.0 puppet module just released

Puppet Logo Zabbix Logo

I just released an new version of the wdijkerman-zabbix puppet module: 2.0.0.

This release was possible with the huge efforts that @rnelson0 made for this module. Did fixed some bugs, tests and made it possible to use travis-ci.org to validate the builds. When an Pull Request is created by someone, the PR will be build on travis-ci too! 🙂

The change log for this release:

  • Removed a debug entry #156 (By pull request: hkumarmk (Thanks!))
  • Add Puppet Forge Version and Downloads badges #163 (By pull request: rnelson0 (Thanks!))
  • Travis CI setup: ensure all rspec tests pass #162 (By pull request: rnelson0 (Thanks!))
  • Update proxy.pp, fix Error: …install zabbix-proxy- .. #159 (By pull request: subkowlex (Thanks!))
  • Puppetgem #158 (By pull request: rnelson0 (Thanks!))

The “#<NUM>” is a reference to an Github issue. The release can now also be found on and downloaded from the forge.

If you find an bug or have an improvement for this Zabbix puppet module, please create pull requests!


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