Transferred puppet module wdijkerman-zabbix to voxpupuli

Zabbix LogoPuppet Logo

After 2 years of developing, 25 releases, 78 forks and +35000 downloads of the Puppet module for installing and maintaining Zabbix, I’ve decided to move the module to the guys at Vox Pupuli. As my focus lately is towards other tools as Ansible and Docker, I don’t have any time anymore to keep my Puppet knowledge up2date. The last half year (or maybe little bit longer) I only could accept Pull Requests and do some minor changes, anything else would cost me a lot of time to figure it out how things would work in Puppet.

With transferring the module to the guys at Vox Pupuli, I would say the module will be in very good hands. (Well, some of those guys provided a lot of Pull Requests to improve the CI part of the Module.. 🙂 )

@Vox Pupuli: Good luck and hopefully you could improve it a lot more! 🙂


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