Book review: AWS Security by Dylan Shields

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Security is one of these things that people/projects/companies only do with it, after they have build something or somewhere at the end of the project. And I believe even the author mentions something similar in this book as well, but compares it with baking a cake. Security is one of the ingredients of what you will be making, like it is a fundamental part of the thing (cake) you build (bake). And not that cherry on top of it. How many times do we see data breaches (Just follow Troy Hunt on twitter to get an idea).

The book is very well written and explains a lot of the AWS Security related services very well. Especially the IAM part if very good, clear and actually goes very deep in explaining the possibilities and what you can do with it. Also very nice to see about usecases when working with multiple AWS accounts and how IAM can work with that.

Altough other services like Cloudtrail, Config and Guardduty are explained in the book, I think it would be more interesting if it went a bit deeper as the chapters seems more high level and explaining some basic things. I would have loved to see some more in depts use cases with these services and even how it all works together with for example a Landing Zone setup where you have multiple AWS Accounts (Cross accounts). And an Landing Zone is already preferred from a security p.o.v., so unfortunately this is not part of the book. If you have a single AWS Account, then this book is definitively for you!

Even though the wanted-to-see-things, it was a very good book and helped me with my work. Happy to have bought it! An 7/10.

You can buy the book here on Amazon or on the site of Manning.

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