An important aspect of DevOps is sharing knowledge and on my blogsite I will share my knowledge about this that I have worked on or the books I have read. And what I have worked on and the issues I had to solve, might help you as well. My blogposts will provide my views on things which maybe not to your liking or maybe you have implemented differently. If you think things can be improved or done in a different way, don’t hesitate to contact me and I happily read your input. (I am all for self improvement!)

Technical Reviewer

As a Technical Reviewer I am part of the development process of writing the book. When the author has created a chapter (or multiple), the chapter(s) is send to various departments like editors, graphic design and the Technical Reviewer. The Technical Reviewers purpose in this process is validating the information (is it true what the author is saying) and suggest examples that are missing or require some more information, but also validating the code and the commands and where needed provide better alternatives. With the reviews on this site, I will mention in the text that I was a Technical Reviewer for the book.



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I am a independent freelancer and I am not paid by any of the publishers to write anything specific. The reviews that I write are my honest reviews and I am not influenced by any of them. In some cases I write a review for a book because I am the Technical Reviewer (See lateron the page) or because I like to read and the book seems interesting.