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Awesome Cloud and (Certified) Kubernetes engineer that likes “<bigfancyword> as code”.

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A highly enthusiastic, motivated and a happy Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, that likes to improve himself technically, or as a person. A keen interest in cloud infrastructure, configuration management, containerization, monitoring and automation. Likes to work in a team where everyone is open to suggestions, works together and decides what is best for the company. Likes to contribute to the open source community.


  • Advanced Linux System Administration – CentOS, Amazon Linux
  • Advanced in Cloud Infrastructure/Services – AWS, Azure
  • Skilled in deployment, maintenance and optimisation of configuration management systems – Ansible and Puppet.
  • Advanced container technology skills – Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Automation and streamlining of the deployment process.
  • Extensive knowledge of logging and monitoring solutions – Prometheus/Grafana, RELK (Redis, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) and Zabbix.
  • Extensive knowledge of java application servers – Tomcat, Glassfish and JBoss.
  • Experience implementing and optimizing DevOps methodologies such as Infrastructure as a code and CI/CD. E.g. Terraform, HELM, Tekton, Jenkins and focussing on ArgoCD.
  • Scripting skills with Bash, Python and a bit of Perl and Golang.
  • Contributor to open source technologies/repositories. E.g. Docker, Ansible.
  • Being a Technical Reviewer for BPB Online, Manning, O’Reilly and Packt.

Technical Reviewer

I am a Technical Reviewer for Packt, Manning and O’Reilly Media. I have reviewed several books and video courses. Some of the books that I have reviewed:

Maintainer for the following repositories:

Add Your Past Experiences

Being awesome at Werner Dijkerman
(2021-07 – .)

Being awesome doing awesome work.

DevOps Engineer at Fullstaq
(2020-11 – 2021-06 )

Succeed in Cloud Native. We are a fast-growing cloud-native IT Services company that helps both start-ups and enterprises realize their Kubernetes ambitions.
We highly value personal connections with cloud vendors, clients, our team, and the cloud-native community. Thanks to that, our reputation as a trusted, secure partner is unprecedented. We integrate the DevOps mentality, tool stack, and best practices in everything we do. We are specialists in Linux, DevOps, DataOps, Kubernetes, Observability, Cloud, and Cloud-Native. Fullstaq is entirely infrastructure-independent – and proud of it. I’ am doing mostly Interim Engineering for Entreprise Customers.

Platform Architect at iWelcome
(2019-01 – 2020-10)

As a Platform Architect part of the Platform Architects team (2 people in the Netherlands), responsible for the infrastructure architecture. Main features of my role are:

  • Creating Proof of Concepts, to validate working/behaviour.
  • Create design/documentation of Infrastructure setups.
  • Helping/assisting Developers, Testers or Technical Consultants when they have issues or need to know how things work.
  • PO, SM and dedicated engineer of the iWelcome to AWS team.
  • Design/Build AWS infrastructure where we will deploy all of our applications.

(Lead) Infrastructure Engineer at iWelcome
(2014-11 – 2018-12)

As a Senior/Lead Infrastructure Engineer part of the Infrastructure Engineering team (2 people in the Netherlands, 4 in Romania), responsible for the cloud infrastructure. Main features of my role where:

  • Development of Ansible roles/playbooks that are used for creating/installing a tenant (A set of 7 virtual machines for a single customer).
  • Development / support of Docker images that are part of the “iWelcome” service, like OpenAM, Nginx or Consul.
  • Support, deploying and maintaining over +50 tenants, including the “mgmt” hosts like Jenkins, Nexus, Monitoring etc.
  • Responsible for configuring and maintaining monitoring.
  • Working together with the CTO/architects to find/discuss improvements.

Helping/assisting Developers, Testers or Technical Consultants when they have issues or need to know how things work.

IT Specials Operations at Promedico
(2013-04 – 2014-10)

As a Linux Engineer I was part of the Operations team (team of 5 people), to keep the Promedico ASP web application running. Main features of my role where:

  • Maintaining around +80 RHEL/OEL hosts and 6 VMware ESXi hosts, divided over 2 datacenters.
  • Developing/maintaining several Puppet Modules and maintaining the Puppet infrastructure.
  • Installing the Promedico ASP releases on all the environments.
  • Responsible for configuring and maintaining monitoring.

Solving incidents and execute service requests.

Senior System Manager at
(2012-02 – 2013-03)

Responsible for the in-house servers, specifically the Linux servers. Main features of my role where:

  • Developing/maintaining several Puppet Modules and maintaining the Puppet infrastructure.
  • Maintaining around +150 RHEL hosts and 10 VMware ESXi hosts
  • Supporting/Guiding the Windows System Managers/Helpdesk during absence of Team lead.
  • Responsible for configuring/maintaining monitoring.

Technical Application Manager at
(2006-06 – 2012-01)

As a Technical Application Manager I was part of the IT Operations team (4-8 people) responsible for all the main applications. Main features of my role where:

  • Solving incidents on all the environments and execute service requests.
  • Installing/upgrading environments with newer application/framework releases and/or making sure that the hosting company was doing things correctly.
  • Executing performance tests before going live with new versions.
  • Part of the migration team to migrate from Germany (Arvato, Enfinity framework) to Amsterdam (Schuberg Philis, ATG framework).
  • Responsible for configuring and maintaining monitoring.
  • Part of a team to do installation of new or upgrades of essential core applications in the landscape.

System Manager at
(2003-10 – 2006-05)

As a (Junior) System Manager I was part of a 2-man team to manage all desktops/laptops servers for office automation. Main features of my role where:

  • Installing desktops/laptops/servers.
  • Solving basic office automation issues.