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Awesome Cloud and (Certified) Kubernetes engineer that likes “<bigfancyword> as code”.

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Werner Dijkerman is a freelancing cloud, (certified) Kubernetes, and DevOps engineer, currently focused and working on cloud-native solutions and tools such as AWS, Ansible, Kubernetes, and Terraform. His focus is on infrastructure as code and monitoring the correct “thing” with tools such as Zabbix, Prometheus, and the ELK stack.


  • Advanced Linux System Administration – CentOS
  • Advanced in Cloud Infrastructure/Services – AWS
  • Skilled in deployment, maintenance and optimisation of configuration management systems – Ansible and Puppet.
  • Advanced container technology skills – Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Automation and streamlining of the deployment process.
  • Extensive knowledge of logging and monitoring solutions – Prometheus/Grafana, RELK (Redis, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) and Zabbix.
  • Extensive knowledge of java application servers – Tomcat, Glassfish and JBoss.
  • Experience implementing and optimising DevOps methodologies such as Infrastructure as a code and CI/CD. E.g. Terraform, Jenkins.
  • Scripting skills with Bash, Python and a bit of Perl and Golang.
  • Contributor to open source technologies/repositories. E.g. Docker, Ansible.

Technical Reviewer

I am a Technical Reviewer for Packt, Manning and O’Reilly Media. I have reviewed several books and video courses. Some of the books that I have reviewed:

Maintainer for the following repositories:

Add Your Past Experiences

Being awesome at Werner Dijkerman
(2021-07 – .)

Being awesome doing awesome work.

DevOps Engineer at Fullstaq
(2020-11 – 2021-06 )

Succeed in Cloud Native. We are a fast-growing cloud-native IT Services company that helps both start-ups and enterprises realize their Kubernetes ambitions.
We highly value personal connections with cloud vendors, clients, our team, and the cloud-native community. Thanks to that, our reputation as a trusted, secure partner is unprecedented. We integrate the DevOps mentality, tool stack, and best practices in everything we do. We are specialists in Linux, DevOps, DataOps, Kubernetes, Observability, Cloud, and Cloud-Native. Fullstaq is entirely infrastructure-independent – and proud of it. I’ am doing mostly Interim Engineering for Entreprise Customers.

Platform Architect at iWelcome
(2019-01 – 2020-10)

As a Platform Architect part of the Platform Architects team (2 people in the Netherlands), responsible for the infrastructure architecture. Main features of my role are:

  • Creating Proof of Concepts, to validate working/behaviour.
  • Create design/documentation of Infrastructure setups.
  • Helping/assisting Developers, Testers or Technical Consultants when they have issues or need to know how things work.
  • PO, SM and dedicated engineer of the iWelcome to AWS team.
  • Design/Build AWS infrastructure where we will deploy all of our applications.

(Lead) Infrastructure Engineer at iWelcome
(2014-11 – 2018-12)

As a Senior/Lead Infrastructure Engineer part of the Infrastructure Engineering team (2 people in the Netherlands, 4 in Romania), responsible for the cloud infrastructure. Main features of my role where:

  • Development of Ansible roles/playbooks that are used for creating/installing a tenant (A set of 7 virtual machines for a single customer).
  • Development / support of Docker images that are part of the “iWelcome” service, like OpenAM, Nginx or Consul.
  • Support, deploying and maintaining over +50 tenants, including the “mgmt” hosts like Jenkins, Nexus, Monitoring etc.
  • Responsible for configuring and maintaining monitoring.
  • Working together with the CTO/architects to find/discuss improvements.

Helping/assisting Developers, Testers or Technical Consultants when they have issues or need to know how things work.

IT Specials Operations at Promedico
(2013-04 – 2014-10)

As a Linux Engineer I was part of the Operations team (team of 5 people), to keep the Promedico ASP web application running. Main features of my role where:

  • Maintaining around +80 RHEL/OEL hosts and 6 VMware ESXi hosts, divided over 2 datacenters.
  • Developing/maintaining several Puppet Modules and maintaining the Puppet infrastructure.
  • Installing the Promedico ASP releases on all the environments.
  • Responsible for configuring and maintaining monitoring.

Solving incidents and execute service requests.

Senior System Manager at
(2012-02 – 2013-03)

Responsible for the in-house servers, specifically the Linux servers. Main features of my role where:

  • Developing/maintaining several Puppet Modules and maintaining the Puppet infrastructure.
  • Maintaining around +150 RHEL hosts and 10 VMware ESXi hosts
  • Supporting/Guiding the Windows System Managers/Helpdesk during absence of Team lead.
  • Responsible for configuring/maintaining monitoring.

Technical Application Manager at
(2006-06 – 2012-01)

As a Technical Application Manager I was part of the IT Operations team (4-8 people) responsible for all the main applications. Main features of my role where:

  • Solving incidents on all the environments and execute service requests.
  • Installing/upgrading environments with newer application/framework releases and/or making sure that the hosting company was doing things correctly.
  • Executing performance tests before going live with new versions.
  • Part of the migration team to migrate from Germany (Arvato, Enfinity framework) to Amsterdam (Schuberg Philis, ATG framework).
  • Responsible for configuring and maintaining monitoring.
  • Part of a team to do installation of new or upgrades of essential core applications in the landscape.

System Manager at
(2003-10 – 2006-05)

As a (Junior) System Manager I was part of a 2-man team to manage all desktops/laptops servers for office automation. Main features of my role where:

  • Installing desktops/laptops/servers.
  • Solving basic office automation issues.